Thank you, and good night!!!

After ten fantastic years, it's time for us play the last tune for the final time.

2011 saw Leeds’ long standing club, Technique celebrate ten years of parties. Quite an accomplishment given that it was started with just some ideals and a little bit of state(!) funding (read: student loans)! As a famous saying goes however, all good things must come to an end and 2011 marks the year that Technique calls it a day on running regular events. We will continue to run the lauded Garden Parties but Technique would like to say “thank you and goodnight” one last time!

The past is just a moment in time: Technique was conceived by Rory, Alice and David way back in 2000, the name stemming from a mutual love of New Order and their infamous balearic influenced album of the same name, but also a (not so) subtle way to get the prefix ‘tech’ into the name. You see, although over ten years on it may seem standard, trite even to think of Leeds city centre of as a haven for underground, experimental and groundbreaking sounds, often embodied by modern techno of the day, back then it was far from the case. If you mentioned ‘techno’ somebody would likely quote 2-Unlimited lyrics at you and although Morley’s institution The Orbit was still in flow and Back to Basics was doing its thing, Leeds city centre was far from the underground haven that it is today, nor was the music quite so openly welcomed.

Jaunts to the likes of Atomic Jam, Bugged Out, The End and the early days of Fabric as well as a clubs too numerous to mention before those had shown the founders that there was a lot of music that it was simply impossible to experience in Leeds. So alongside partners Mits and Alex and slightly later, Jay and Neil, Technique set out to rectify that situation.

Every partner trying to push their own varied (and often very conflicting) musical agenda did not always make for a harmonious scene behind closed doors but it was the passion that existed to host and promote artists and music that we loved that also meant Technique was special – if you were there you know this!

From the very early days as a mid-week night at the now defunct Fluid to, very briefly, the Faversham and then our first true home in the Star Wars-esque, gay bar, Oslo and of course the Mint Club and later The Warehouse plus huge shows at The Northern Light and Leeds Corn Exchange plus gigs in Barcelona, London, Tokyo, and beyond, Technique always created a pure yet welcoming and fun environment.

Technique became one of the UK’s most renowned and respected underground events, receiving regular acclaim from the likes of Mixmag, Jockey Slut, The Guardian and the BBC.

Technique of course, hosted the very biggest guests of the day too; the likes of Richie Hawtin, Rolando, Ricardo Villalobos and Dave Clarke making their first appearance in Leeds city centre for Technique at the peak of their popularity. More telling perhaps however, are the more obscure guests of the day that Technique championed and who perhaps create the most unforgettable memories; a relatively unknown Magda taking up residency at Technique, Clone’s Dexter appearing live in 2005, a fresh producer Lucien-N-Luciano playing Technique for little more than air fare, Anthony Rother driving pretty much his whole studio from frankfurt to Leeds to play live! Photek, David Holmes, Matthew Herbert, Radioactive Man, Michael Mayer, James Holden, The Orb, A Guy Called Gerald, Freddy Fresh, Plaid, Miss Kittin, Cobblestone Jazz, Luke Vibert, Plaid, Jedi Knights aka Global Communication, Jamie Lidell and hundreds more made Technique and Leeds their home for at least one night and in doing so provided thousands upon thousands of you with unforgettable memories.

In 2005, Technique and our friends at Asylum and The Faversham launched The Garden Party as a friends and family soiree for Bank Holiday Sundays. The event has gone on to become one of the most respected and popular events in the UK and in Europe. The Garden Party continues to be more popular than ever, continually selling out in record time.

With Mits, Alice, Alex and Rory having left Leeds for new pastures a few years prior, David and Jay took complete control of Technique in 2008 and finally decided in 2011 that it was time to say goodnight one last time – leaving Leeds a very different place to the one we found when we arrived. This wasn’t meant to last forever and so we say farewell but we will see you in the future, thank you all!

David and Jay

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